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How long one wrong meal can effect you

I was thinking about this because we ate at chipotle and I ordered just some chicken and a side of queso. The next morning I woke up and my blood sugar shot to 114 and wouldn’t come down. I was so cranky and irritable which sucked because it was Saturday which was a family day.

For most of my life, I've been told "one meal won't hurt you". This is of course the common sense that I talk about which is completely untrue.

You don't actually recognize how not okay you are from one wrong meal for the next few days until you have eliminated everything that puts your body in a chronic state of inflammation. Being in a chronic state of inflammation has you completely out of tune with your body and things just seem like the 'happen' instead of having a reason on why it's happening. 

When you feel so great all the time and eat something that's kinda iffy, you can instantly see the change and know exactly what caused it. For instance, about an hour after eating chipotle, my stomach started bubbling and I was having little cramps in my lower belly. This is not something that ever happens when I am eating at home foods that I know work for my body. Then of course, I don't feel good the next morning so I know exactly what it was. 

So how long can one wrong meal effect you? This is going to be a different answer for each person depending on their metabolic health. If you are doing a high fat, low carb diet - it can effect you for around a week. It would take you out of ketosis and your body may not have a very easy time getting back into it. It takes time for your body to produce ketones, therefore a meal that would be high in carbohydrates will take you out of ketosis and your body will have to start over again. 

If you have been keto a long time, your body may quickly hop back in, but if you have a long record of metabolic issues, it could take a week or two. In the mean time you could go through the keto flu all over again which is no fun for anyone. If this happens, make sure to take electrolytes. 

There are things you can do to try to speed up ketosis like intermittent fasting but its always harder to get started again if your body has been running on glucose (sugar/carbs).

Is it worth it? Every time I say no. It's not worth it. Did I enjoy the meal? Yes. Was it worth taking me out for 24 hours for 3 mins of enjoyment? No.  Up to you to make the call!




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