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Insulin Resistance - My Experience & What You Should Know Right Now


➡️ Weight gain
➡️ Inability to lose weight
➡️ Not satisfied after eating
➡️ Carb/sugar cravings
➡️ Dark skin around the neck area
➡️ Trouble sleeping
➡️ Difficulty focusing
➡️ Chronic fatigue
➡️ Body inflammation
➡️ Feet hurting upon standing 

And no, you don’t need a special pill or colorful powder to balance them!

You need NUTRITION. You need the right fuel for your body.

Hormones play a crucial role in your mood, sleep, weight loss - well… everything!

It’s a very delicate balance.

When people say hormones, I think we’re quick to think Estrogen. But the one that’s out of control for most people is actually Insulin. Insulin throws out all the other hormones. It’s the first one that should be looked at because if your insulin is out of wack, good luck fixing the others!

You don’t have to live the rest of your life dealing with all of these things. There is a solution. The solution is to reverse the insulin resistance. To balance your hormones by doing so.

How to reverse insulin resistance? The opposite of what causes it. Too many carbohydrates and eating too often. Our bodies were not designed to eat all day long. They were also not designed to over consume carbohydrates.

➡️Lower carbohydrates
➡️Eat real food
➡️Incorporate intermittent fasting

It shouldn’t be difficult. It shouldn't be expensive. Don’t overcomplicate it. Don’t fall for low carb/keto marketed foods. Real foods aren’t marketed. ♥️

🥩 Meat
🥬 Veggies

This is my ebook on exactly how I got started on my journey to reversing insulin resistance.  I put the most important points of what I learned in here as well as my favorite recipes along the way. I will occasionally come across some new information that I feel everyone should know so I’ll add that in and send the update for free too.

Here is the link:

If you’re on a tight budget and can’t spend the extra money right now, I also have a free food list that will at least jumpstart you and give you access to our private Facebook group.

The link for that is here:

Our private Facebook group is

Wishing you so much success on your insulin resistance journey ♥️



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My feet ache,10 kg still to lose.

Mushtaq Ahmad

Estou muito satisfeito com a sua orientação e vou seguir, se eu puder fazer algo eu entrarei no site do Facebook, ok

José Carlos Moreira

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