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If you’ve been following my vertigo journey which has included: Dizziness Disassociation Feeling like fainting at Walmart, target, or other big stores with fluorescent lights Unable to drive on highways especially long bridges without a panic attack Feeling like you’re in chronic fight or flight My MRI came back Friday and I get a FULL review with photos today. I got told already I don’t have MS and it’s nothing MAJOR but exactly what’s happening I find out today. Posting this here for anyone else who is currently struggling with this. Hopefully I can give you some helpful information today 🤞


Update to the MRI review for chronic dizziness:
⭐️cerebellar tonsillar ectopia ⭐️
It’s a long story (dr appt was an hr long) but to summarize my understanding, it’s a LESSER version of chiari malformation which has to do with the cerebellum. This part of the brain controls
Hence, all of my symptoms.
It’s an incredible relief to have an EXACT reason and not a guess. With my Lyme disease diagnosis, I was seeking help for chronic dizziness. The dr only assumed it was the cause but never had certainty. She threw everything she had at my condition but ultimately nothing diet wise was going to make any impact in this situation. I did everything I possible could with the data I had but ultimately- this is 100% upper cervical care.
The solution is continuous visits with upper cervical to get the blood flow up the the brain and back down flowing properly again. There seems to be a slow flow which is what should get better with time. He thinks I’ll be able to wean off the blue light glasses in 4-6 months. Though of course, no guarantees.
I actually talked to a patient in the office this morning who found this out a while back so she just wears sunglasses everywhere and it has helped her tremendously.
I was up to spending $250-$500 each visit with my last dr getting IV’s (in desperation to get better). I’m at $60 a visit now 2x a week which is obviously so much easier on the bank.
If you’re struggling with this same issues, please google upper cervical care in your area. Read the reviews and go to their website. Get one visit and just SEE.
With vertigo there’s so much to rule out
Epply maneuver
B12 deficiency
But it could also be something that ONLY an MRI is going to see. My dr ordered an upright no contrast MRI. His words “I don’t want to see what your brain looks like when you feel fine laying down. I want to see what it’s doing when you’re not feeling good”.
And there we got our answer.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me in this journey. It’s been a long 2.5 years. Not getting the answers I needed but constantly getting told it was one thing when it was another. And because of this, there’s that tiny part of me that goes “what if this isn’t it either”. Just because of my history. But the dr feels confident which helps me feel a little more at ease.
If you are currently going through this, I’m praying for you. I know you’re going to get the answer if you just don’t give up ♥️
P.S - it’s just anxiety, is not an answer. Anxiety is a symptom. It has a root cause. Do not settle for this.
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Thankful you got an answer! It definitely helps & gets you on the healing path.

Jessica Shelton

Thankful you got an answer!

Jessica Shelton

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