OMAD Results: My results from following one meal a day

My results from following one meal a day 

My first time trying #intermittentfasting last year - 2 weeks in, 11 pounds down.

You don’t need to wait to start until after the holidays! Imagine how much progress you could make between now and then!

Here's some benefits of OMAD: 

Lowers insulin levels
Stabilizes blood sugars
Better sleep 
Better skin
Weight loss
Improves digestion
Better mood
Decreased joint pain
Better cognitive function

Counting calories is not required. I estimate around 1500 each day. BUT I don’t count because it drives me crazy. I estimate what I need on fat and protein and get as close to that as I can every day. This is why repetitive meals are so convenient because then you can have a great idea of exactly what you need to reach those numbers. Cheese, fatty meat and a whole avocado are where I get the bulk of my calories from each day 🙏

Remember, eating all of your calories at once is not calorically different than eating 1500 calories through 6 meals. It’s called timed feeding to bring down insulin levels (fat storing hormone)  and regulate blood sugars. It’s FREEDOM not having to think of what to make 3-6 times per day! 🙏♥️ 

Never hangry and no cravings 🙌

Fasting originated in Ancient Greece for patients who exhibited certain symptoms of illness. Not to make you sick, but to make you better 😌🙏


This was last November (the day after Thanksgiving) and the weight I lost, I maintained even after I went back to 3 meals a day. I have added fasting to my daily life and use OMAD as a tool to help me get back to feeling my best (especially after the holidays). 

Fasting is pure magic when you find the perfect eating window that works best for you and your schedule. I recommend starting out 12 hours fasting (including overnight) and eliminating snacks. This looks like not eating past 8PM and then having your first meal again at 8AM. Then moving up at your pace from there 🤗make sure you’re getting a lot of protein and fat to keep your body full and hormones happy! Avoid processed foods to keep your cravings away! ♥️



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