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The Importance of Monitoring Your Blood Sugar (For Non-Diabetics)

The Importance of Monitoring Your Blood Sugar (For Non-Diabetics)

You’ve likely seen me wearing my CGM (continuous glucose monitor)  in the past. It was created for individuals with type 1 or type 2 diabetes to regularly monitor their blood sugar without constantly using a finger prick. They do this to determine if they are meeting their glucose targets which helps reduce unpleasant symptoms of high and low blood sugar. This metric is lifesaving for someone with diabetes, but could it be important for someone to know even if they’re non-diabetic? Many of us already monitor factors like weight, heart rate, or steps per day…is blood sugar yet another metric we should be aware of? 

Is Monitoring Blood Sugar Necessary for Non-Diabetics? 

The answer to this question is no, it's not necessary, but that doesn’t mean it doesn't offer extremely valuable information  Knowledge is power, and we know that blood sugar monitoring helps to prevent symptoms and complications, prolong life, and improve the quality of life for individuals with diabetes. What can it do for non-diabetics? 

Why Monitor Your Blood Sugar?

Here is why someone without diabetes may consider monitoring their blood sugar. Maximize understanding of glucose levels.

Glucose levels can be a more informative metric than calorie tracking. Tracking calories doesn’t consider the complex hormonal and biochemical pathways involved in energy balance, weight gain, and weight loss in the body. 

Insulin is the primary hormone involved in fat storage and weight gain. Non-diabetics must tame their insulin levels to maintain a healthy weight. Insulin promotes “building” the body and storing fat rather than breaking things down. 

Glucose levels tend to mirror insulin responses. If you know how much a particular food raises your glucose levels, then you’ll have a greater understanding of your body’s predicted exposure to insulin. Thus, you’ll have a good idea of whether your body is likely to be in fat-storage or fat-burning mode. 

You simply can’t know how your daily diet is impacting your glucose levels if you don’t have access to your glucose data, which is why continuous glucose monitoring is useful. 

Knowing what your blood sugar is can allow you to make changes to keep it in the “ideal range.” For instance, if you know your blood sugar is low, you may change what or when you eat which will prevent negative symptoms like sweating, chills, clammy skin, and lack of coordination. 

Final Thoughts 

Continuous glucose monitoring gives non-diabetics greater insight into their health day to day. Whether you’re looking to create a healthier diet, exercise at the right time, or inform your weight loss efforts, you’ll be on your way to a healthier you. 

I personally use the Veri Stable monitor which can be purchased here: 

If you use my code, it's 20% off.

I have tried a few companies in the past, but this is the cheapest one for the same exact monitors which are Freestyle Libre. 

If you have any questions, comment below! 

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So I went to the link and apparently they don’t offer this for Android users. Do you know of any alternatives?


Tiffany, I just want to say THANK YOU for this information. At your suggestion several months ago I started wearing the CGM. I have had pre-diabetes for many years and eat low carb. I just wanted to take a closer look at what certain foods were doing in my body. What I discovered with my doctor yesterday is that I am now fully diabetic even though my A1C and insulin levels say I’m still in pre-diabetes range. What he said is that my strict low-carb diet held down my numbers so I “fooled” his testing. Without the data from my CGM he would never have believed that I am diabetic. He was shocked. Now I can receive the true care that I need and try to prevent further damage to my body. Without the CGM it may have been years before it showed up on his testing and could have really hurt my health. I would recommend this to EVERYONE! Again, thank you – you truly helped me and probably literally added years to my life. ❤️

Beth Dick

Do i meed to get the monitor or jusy the app? Very interested to star tracking my #’s as a non diabetic


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