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Tracking Net Carbs vs Total Carbs

When doing keto, most people go off of their net carb count. This is because dietary fiber and sugar alcohol is not digested. Only net carbs effect the blood sugar. It is important to note that total carbs can be what effects your ketone levels.  If counting net carbs kicks you out of ketosis, I recommend switching to counting total carbs. 

The net carbohydrate on a nutritional label is this formula:
Carbohydrates - dietary fiber - sugar alcohol = net carbs. 

Each person has a different microbiome and will break down fibers differently, thus blood sugars will be effected differently from person to person. Not all fibers will be 100% undigested. You will typically see a negative reaction to a lot of fiber to people with digestive distress and microbiome issues. I personally do not tolerate fiber well and have to eat bare minimum or I will have health issues. I believe a big part of that for me is my history of frequently taking antibiotics. 

If carbs come from whole foods, net carbs are easy to count. Just subtract fiber from total carbs. 

With packaged foods, there are more things to take into account like sugar alcohols and allulose. The food companies will manipulate ingredients so that it appears as though the product will cause no impact on blood sugar but if you own a glucose monitor, you could see for yourself that this is not the case.

I can spike 30+ points on something that has 2 net carbs. If it really only had 2 carbs, there should barely be any spike. 

Most people do great counting net carbs, but once you hit a stall - you should notice a difference by switching over to total carbs. You can also purchase a ketone meter on Amazon to track and make sure you are staying in ketosis while eating these foods. 

My opinion, don't fall for keto packaged foods and just eat real whole foods and you should be fine :) 



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