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How to Kick a Weight Loss Stall - 8 Tips

Losing weight is an unnatural process, our bodies are fighting us HARD to keep the weight on. It’s a survival mechanism.

Keto doesn’t work - is not it. You’ll get nowhere thinking like that. You’re not not losing weight because you’re not eating carbs. ❌ You’re doing something your body doesn’t like - keto or not.

I have lost 50 pounds in around 7 months and here’s a few odd things I could have never imagined I would have to experiment with to please my body:

1. Stop eating nuts (slows digestion).

This is an interesting one because so many people think that snacking on some almonds is one of the healthiest choices you can make.  Though it is better than many options out there, nuts is one of the things that can slow your digestion down and cause you to stall in weight loss. In addition to that, many people can over-consume nuts which also will inhibit weight loss. If you are stuck, try taking this one out. 

2.Stop drinking stevia outside of eating windows (cephalic insulin response)

There are so many differing opinions on stevia and non caloric sweeteners, but there are some doctors who recommend removing stevia during the fasting window. This is because it CAN cause an insulin response called the cephalic insulin response where your tongue tastes something sweet and sends a signal to your pancreas that sugar is coming and to send out insulin. This will show on a blood glucose meter as a drop in glucose upon consuming stevia or other non caloric sweeteners.  For some, it can make you feel more hungry overall and make fasting more difficult. This is one you personally will have to experiment with to see. If you have tried everything except this, try it and see if it breaks your plateau. Most people will lose weight with stevia, but it is POSSIBLE that it could be slowing you down.

3. Find the right meat for my body, I do best with 75% red meat
Some people thrive on chicken, some thrive on beef. In my experience, most people thrive on the most fatty cut of ground beef UNLESS they have a gallbladder issue. In this case, they will naturally lean toward chicken and fish or more lean protein. I always recommend 73% ground beef and IF you have a gallbladder issue, take bile salts to help assist with bile production. But you will have to experiment  to see where you do best. 

4. Have a super short eating window and allow my insulin to fall the rest of the day

When you fast, your insulin levels fall allowing you to burn fat for fuel instead of glucose/sugar. Each time you eat (no matter what you eat) you are spiking insulin to some degree. If you are only fasting 12 hours overnight, try extending it until you find your sweet spot. Depending on the level of insulin resistance, it may be a 22:2 fast. Only something that you should work up to, not something you should jump into. 

5. Assist my gallbladder with bile salts and ACV to properly digest my meals

Not having enough bile will cause bloating, soreness, pain in the right shoulder and fat intolerance. So many people deal with a sluggish gallbladder and need assistance with bile production. The bile is vital to extracting fat soluble vitamins which are essential for the human body. 

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6. Take iodine and vitamin D to make sure I was getting my essential thyroid supplementation

Iodine assists in speeding up the metabolism. Vitamin D is actually a hormone which can help enhance weight loss and decrease body fat. These 2 are very important to make sure you are taking daily. 

7. Take electrolytes (they help the muscle in the intestines)

Lack of electrolytes will cause unnecessary hunger and cravings which will make losing weight so much harder. In addition to that, your muscles in your intestines need potassium to properly digest your food (especially meat). 

8. Count total carbs, not net carbs.

There is a lot of debate on this one as well. But again, the only way you know is if you personally try it and see what the results are. Ultimately every body is different and you will need to experiment to see where you thrive. If you are having trouble losing weight, start counting total carbs (don't subtract the fiber) and see how you do. 

This isn’t even all of them. You see how it’s not just the calories that you eat that determine the whole story?

Do you see how even if you think you’re doing everything right, there could still be more to learn? There always is.

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Hope this helps!! ♥️♥️


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