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21 Day Keto Plan


After losing 50 pounds on keto and reaching and maintaining my weight loss effortlessly, I created this plan for those looking to challenge themselves to start their keto journey for 21 DAYS!

I have never loved following a lifestyle more than this. Every meal is amazing, I'm satisfied after eating, no blood sugar crashes and no cravings! 

What is included in this plan:

  • Short list of allowed foods (easily found at any grocery store)
  • How to check your ingredients for what to avoid
  • Extra simple recipes
  • Brands of foods I use with photos 
  • Meal breakdown
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Link to my favorite free workouts
  • Schedule of eating
  • 7 days of meal examples for a short grocery list 
  • Access to our private facebook group
I have scanned through EVERY possibility of what information I needed to know in order to get started and SUCCEED and I hope this will be so easy for you!


    This is a PDF and will be emailed immediately after purchase.

    *No refunds as this is a digital file. 


    "The change, wether it be weight or overall how you feel, is pretty immediate so I feel like it’s much easier to be motivated and stick with it." - Kelci

    "It feels much more flexible and free. Like not having to count macros or points or calories. Just staying within the plan limits and being mindful of what you’re eating is so much easier for me." - Shay

    "I’ve tried 10000000000000 different things and this is the best for me because it really helps with my joint pain and puffiness! Also love how much energy 💜" - Deanndria

    "This has been the best and easiest “diet” I’ve been on. It make it so much easier to stay on track and really make this lifestyle change." - Lauren

    "Amazed, I’m not hungry and eating less. No cravings, nothing. I’ve been on many diets, and this is so different. I want to share with everyone, but don’t want the criticism. I’m doing what is working and good for me."  -Kathleen 

    "This is by far the best eating plan I have done. In the past I could never lose weight without a diet pill being involved, and then once I got off the weight came back and then some. My fav parts of ck is no counting, no inflammation, and better cgm readings, and overall feeling my best. I am def a foodie, so some days are hard when I want to try new foods, but I decided this will be my lifestyle going forward. I cant believe my husband is on board, the one with a pallet that solely loves dino nugs, pasta, pizza, hot dogs…he is even feeling amazing! He is down a total of 19lbs and he is in awe at how he feels and how much energy he has! Thank you Tiffany My Adventure to Fit" - Maria 



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