Q1 Are the products manufactured in a nut free facility?


Q2 Does the lab have a Quality Control?

Yes we have a separated Quality Control Department through our production line and for testing of raw materials and final products

Q3 Do any products have heavy metals in them? 

All ingredients and products comply with food standards and regulations for heavy metals. Our products are made with organic ingredients free from pesticides and non-GMO

Q4 What is the shelf life for: 

Greens - 2 years

Preworkout - 2 years

Collagen - 2 years

Q 5 How many grams in one scoop?

(this info is on the label for each product) 

Greens 2.5 grams 

Preworkout 10 grams 

Collagen 10 grams 

Q6 What is in the marine collagen? 

It is 100% pure Marine Collagen. There are no fillers. Collagen is a protein, in this case from fish.

Q7 How many calories are in a serving of Cal Mag?

0 calories, it is sweetened with stevia

Q8 What is a good Cal Mag dosage for a 5 year old?

The Food and drug administration's recommended daily intake for adults and children over the age of 4 years old for calcium is 1,300 mg and magnesium 420 mg, cal mag contains per serving 300 mg of calcium and 150 mg of magnesium so 1/2 to 1 serving should be fine but please consult with the pediatrician first.

Q9 Are the products vegan friendly?

The only products we currently offer that are not vegan are the Bovine Collagen and the Fish Collagen. All the others are vegan.  

Q10 Do they use eggs in the LAB

Not at this moment 

Q11 Is there Iodine in the Chlorella?

Iodine is not tested at this time

Q12 Is the lab a nut free facility?

Yes at this moment

Q13 Can I have the greens while breastfeeding? How much a day?

Yes, unless the mom is allergic to any of the ingredients in the product - please thoroughly read the ingredients before using the product. This product contains natural vegetable powders and natural flavors so it is safe for women who are breast feeding, but we suggest to always consult with your physician or pediatrician first.

Q14 Is there any chance of cross contamination for peanut or tree nut in the manufacturing process?


Q15 Are the Greens Organic?

All vegetables and fruits in this product are organically grown and certified. It also contains organic inulin fiber and flavors that are not organic but that are all natural.

Q16 Are our products manufactured in a tree nut facility?


Q17 How many servings of vegetables are in one scoop of greens?

It is recommended to take 1-2 scoops daily of your greens. 1 serving is only 2.5 grams (1 scoop) then 2 scoops will be 5 grams. We can do an estimate that 1 scoop will give you about 1-1 ½ cups of green vegetables so 2 scoops will be about 3 cups of green vegetables which is about the recommended daily dosage of vegetables. Remember that this is a supplement and green powders do not completely replace fresh vegetables so people should still take some vegetables with their food.

Q18 How much beta alanine there is in the pre workout?

1,200 mg per serving 

Q19 How much stevia is in the pre workout?

Depending of the flavor, between 200-250 mg per serving of 10 grams (1 scoop) 

Q20 How much stevia in the greens?

40 mg per serving of 2.5 grams (1 scoop) 

Q21 How much stevia in the cal mag?

120 mg per serving of 6 grams 

Q22 How much stevia in every other product?

A range between 40-250 mg depending of the product and the serving size


Q23 How much caffeine is in the preworkout?

One scoop of pre-workout contains 100mg of caffeine. There is a decaf version that is caffeine free. 

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to help@myadventuretofit.com