Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

There is a common misconception of fasting. "Fasting is starving" they say. Fasting is indeed not starving. When you are fasting, your body works hard at maintaining/increasing your metabolism and preserving lean muscle mass. Fasting is one of the fastest ways to heal insulin resistance and balance blood sugars. 
Here are some of the biggest benefits to fasting:
  • Keeps insulin low
  • Stabilizes blood sugars
  • Triggers growth hormone, which is one of the main fat burning hormones.
  • 18 hours into fasting: Autophagy (your body's way of cleaning out damaged cells to create new healthy cells)
  • Recycles nutrients
  • Running on ketones, cravings go away and less hunger
  • Inflammation comes down
  • Gut healing from decreasing the frequency of digestion
  • Doesn't decrease metabolism
  • Mental clarity, less brain fog
  • Saves time from food prep and cleanup
  • Saves money from decreasing food intake and expensive "healthy snacks"

There are different kinds of fasts you can do. Here are the most popular:

12:12 fasting 12 hours overnight

16:8 this would look like eating at 12pm and then not eating past 8pm

22:2 this would look like eating from 12-2

I always recommend doing your research first and consulting your doctor before beginning any program. 

After doing clean keto for 12 weeks, I still felt like I needed more healing within in. My blood sugars were remarkably better, but I could still feel something. This inspired me to shoot for one meal a day AKA OMAD. I am so happy to say that 2 weeks in, I no longer feel the effects of blood sugar issues or hypoglycemia. The goal I was trying to achieve came so much faster than expected. 

I wrote a guide on how I get started and all of my research compiled into one place. Here is the link to check it out: One Meal A Day Guide




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  • Hi Tiffany, I am so thankful I came across your page. What you went through I am going through it doesn’t many years. I’m 5’7 207 lbs and I eat well (and when I say well I don’t drink juices sodas chips eat clean every 2-3 hrs and still gain weight). My question is can you list the supplements you use daily and electrolytes. Also can you take a preworkout while fasting thanks. Thanks ☺️

    Jocarie Gonell

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