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My Adventure to Fit

OMAD - Step by step meal plan and recipes

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One meal a day step by step guide! 

I have written up my steps and all of the research that I have collected so far. I have seen incredible results doing one meal a day after discovering the incredible benefits of fasting. 

What's in it:

  • Sample meal plan with times 
  • Weight and measurement tracker
  • Food log tracker
  • A day of eating
  • Clean VS Dirty Fasting and what breaks a fast
  • How I started and the steps I took
  • Hidden ingredients to avoid
  • Recipes and treat drinks I love and macros for meals
  • What time and what order to consume everything
  • Links of videos and recommended films to watch
  • Brands of foods I use

I recommend first starting with the clean keto guide before jumping into fasting. :)

This is not suitable for the following people:

Under 18 years old

*always consult your doctor first before beginning any dietary change. 

*no refunds as this is a digital file 

*if PDF is not received, please email help@myadventuretofit.com 

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