OMAD - Step by step meal plan and recipes

OMAD - Step by step meal plan and recipes

My Adventure to Fit
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One meal a day step by step guide! 

I have written up my steps and all of the research that I have collected so far. I have seen incredible results doing one meal a day after discovering the incredible benefits of fasting. 

What's in it:

  • Sample meal plan
  • A day of eating
  • Clean VS Dirty Fasting and what breaks a fast
  • How I started and the steps I took
  • Hidden ingredients to avoid
  • Recipes and treat drinks I love and macros for meals
  • What time and what order to consume everything
  • Links of videos and recommended films to watch
  • Brands of foods I use

I recommend first starting with the clean keto guide before jumping into fasting. :)

This is not suitable for the following people:

Under 18 years old

*always consult your doctor first before beginning any dietary change. 


*no refunds as this is a digital file 

*if PDF is not received, please email 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Antonia C.

Love it so far and it is working for me!!

Debbie M.

Love the recipes in it! Great job Tiffany 🎉

At last, a system that works for me!

I have always struggled with my weight, since I can't remember when, and have been on many a diet. All have been successful, well mostly, but the problem has always been sustaining it afterwards. Diets are okay, but they are always short term. They do not teach you about the relationship between food and yourself and your body. My Adventure to Fit does exactly that, they teach! Not only do you provide recipes to help you lose weight, but they teacheyou about how your body reacts to food and how to sustain the change in eating long term. I have been on OMAD for almost two weeks and never, never, EVER, have I been on a diet which makes me feel... well, normal! I am not bloated; do not think about food or what I am missing 24/7; do not crave sugar or bread; and can finally get on with my life! I am not hungry (which to be honest has really surprised me) and fully satiated all the time. I can honestly say that Keto is a new way of eating and one that I have no doubt will be the way forward from now on. Thanks to My Adventure to Fit.

Liza A.

LOVE all her products and her daily encouragements and teachings! never felt this wonderful

Macie T.

OMAD - Step by step meal plan and recipes