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Postpartum Weight Gain 😬

Can't stop gaining weight postpartum? Keep Reading 👇

Gaining weight AFTER the baby is born is common because #hormones are a mess - specifically estrogen. 

I couldn’t stop gaining weight after my 3rd baby was born and I was desperate to get to the bottom of it. 

My blood work showed estrogen dominance which the Dr. said was because of everything in the world except diet 🙄

I paid about $2,500 for a bunch of supplements, vitamins, etc to help my body adjust to normal.

That did nothing. 

I was exercising 30 mins a day and eating 1500 calories (logging every bite) and still gaining weight. 

That’s when I searched “gaining weight in a calorie deficit” and everything on the internet directed me too low carb. 

I listened to one doctor explain how being injected with insulin alone is all you need to start storing body fat. 0 food changes, just insulin and you will start packing on FAT. 

This also happens with birth control. No diet change but major weight gain. 
Looking back, running the meal plan group with 40k women years ago, so many of the PCOS girls who dropped their weight said they had to cut out the carbs from the plan for the weight to come off.

I never understood why that was or how that could be. Until I learned about #insulinresistance 

Never ever ever let someone tell you you’re not motivated or consistent enough when YOU KNOW you’re doing everything you’re supposed to be doing.

The truth of the matter is they don’t know why it’s not working so instead of facing they have more to learn, they blame you. You must be doing it wrong.

Textbook gaslighting.

If you have a trainer like this, fire them.

Then go find one that specializes in insulin resistance because they exist. 
Your blood sugar will control your insulin which will dictate fat loss or fat gain.
It doesn’t give a single care in the world about your calories - it cares about your blood sugar. 

This is why so many people are getting a #cgm and monitoring their glucose. Hack your metabolic health and prevent getting a preventable disease.  Your life depends on it ♥️

I have lost the weight and even healthier now than I was pre-pregnancy. I would love to help you get there ❤️

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