Recurring Grocery Items I Buy

One of my favorite things about being on clean keto and avoiding almost all processed foods is my grocery list is so tiny now! It's so easy to re-order the same things and know exactly what to get at the store. Makes life so much easier and grocery shopping takes so much less time! There's something so overwhelming about grocery stores when you have a no limit diet where you end up getting so much food that you don't even know what to do with. Wasting tons of money and food (especially produce). 


I will break it down into categories!



Happy Eggs or Vital Farms

These are important to get high quality as they carry so many nutrients. Avoiding processed foods will save you tons of money so invest in the eggs!

Steak (Ribeye and New York Strip are my favorite)
Chuck Roast
Chicken thighs with skin
Nitrate free sugar free bacon
Pork belly

Lettuce (Romaine, Butter Lettuce, Spring Mix, Power Greens)

Kerrygold grassfed butter (salted)
Organic cheese (cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan) (full fat)
Organic Cream cheese (full fat)
Organic half and half


Ordered from
Almond flour
Baking powder
Cocoa powder

Simple green cleaner
Ecos dish soap OR Puracy dish soap

Paper towels
Toilet paper
Trash bags


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I noticed under the meat category you don’t list hamburger? Is it bc you choose not to eat it? Just curious. I don’t want to eat it if it’s not considered clean..

Amy Kruskie

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