If you’ve been on social media lately, you’ve likely seen my plate known as the Tiffany Plate. It consists of fresh fruits and vegetables and a chicken sausage with mustard on that side. 

The plate grew in popularity July 2023 after I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and the dr put me on a hefty protocol to clear my body of inflammation to see if I would feel better (with my vertigo mainly).

The most important components of the plate were of course the chicken sausage, cottage cheese, hearts of palm and carrots. I also added Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli, Dragon Fruit and Okra mainly. Oh and of course, mustard. I fell in love with donut peaches along the way, white nectarines, apriums and pink pineapple. 

People were fascinated with my daily lunch and decided they wanted to try it too. Some people loved it and continue packing it for their lunch daily and some people thought nothing could be worse. 

For me, it was a nice go to that took the thought out of “what am I going to eat today” EVERY DAY. It was a chicken sausage (different flavors or the same flavor each day) and fresh fruits and veggies. I always felt SO GOOD after eating. Never bloated or tired. Just fresh, like the food 🥰

I reached nearly 600 million people in the last few months sharing this meal with you all and it’s been such a fun adventure. It took a sad health situation and made it such a fun ride. 

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Here’s the link to the e-book to get started on your mustard journey 🤗


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