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MONITORING BLOOD SUGAR: Monitoring blood sugar saved my life.

Monitoring blood sugar saved my life. Just over a year ago I was prescribed my first Blood Sugar Monitor by my doctor. I had NO idea what this would reveal, but all of the problems I...

Monitoring blood sugar saved my life.

Just over a year ago I was prescribed my first Blood Sugar Monitor by my doctor. I had NO idea what this would reveal, but all of the problems I was experiencing showed up on this monitor!Shortly after this test, I was diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia - My blood sugar would drop dangerously low after a meal. I had to eat every hour and a half so that I wouldn't faint. It was one of the hardest times of my life, and this showed me exactly what to change in my diet to come back to balance 

Monitoring your blood sugar will end ALL debate about whether a low carb or high carb diet is better, if its ok to have non caloric sweeteners and sugar, if artificial ingredients effect you negatively, if natural flavors effect you negatively, if its better to do a low fat or high fat, or if it best to be vegan/plant based.

What truly matters is the way that YOUR body reacts to food. There would be no debate if we realized that every one of us has a different tolerance to different foods and chemicals.

Last year I had my entire family (almost) on continuous blood glucose monitors and here’s what we learned.

For reference, 80-90 is a normal HEALTHY range. 110-125 is where damage occurs to the cells that produce the insulin hormone - this is a MAJOR PROBLEM. Over 125 is diabetes.

I had pre-diabetes the summer of 2021. My blood sugar would bounce from 50-140. (BTW, my doctors couldn't tell though because I had a perfect fasting glucose on my lab work tests.)

My dad was pre-diabetic and woke up with a 120 fasted blood sugar. The wrong coffee would take him into the 140’s. This was ON KETO so imagine what it was before 😩

My mom started testing it after starting keto and has normal ranges now around the clock. She was low blood before per her symptoms. We didn’t have a monitor for her then.

My husband was pre-diabetic waking up at 112 on keto. He had to switch to intermittent fasting and clean keto to lower it.

My grandma had severe reactive hypoglycemia and her numbers range from 40-120. We normalized them in 4 days doing clean keto and IF.

My sister had reactive hypoglycemia and goes from 67-107 in hours.

My uncle was diabetic - over 140 blood sugar fasted. 

My step dad had high blood sugar, over 120.

Every person we have put a monitor on so far is either diabetic or pre-diabetic. No one has come back with normal numbers. No one.

What causes those numbers to get that high? 10/10 CARBOHYDRATES or sugars (along with seed oils, artificial ingredients, and MSG). You can see it as soon as you eat it! It doesn’t matter whether they’re from high carb veggies or straight sugar. It’s all the same when it comes to blood sugar. Carbs = sugar when they enter the blood stream.

I received several messages from people who tested their sugars after seeing my posts, and some of them were in the 400’s and 500’s 😭 They had no idea and it never came up in any of their doctor visits.

I have completely reversed my pre-diabetes, my husband, my mom, my grandma too. We are all back in normal healthy ranges and the way we feel shows it. The cravings for all 4 of us are non existent. My dad is still high and will need to refine things (he’s doing his best) to get there.

I hope this helps someone out there. I encourage everyone to start monitoring their blood sugars. Whether it be on a finger prick or a glucose meter.

It may just save your life and give you the answers you’ve been fighting for for so long. ♥️


For those of you messaging me about getting your own monitor to check your blood sugar without a finger prick, CLICK HERE.


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