New Year Challenge 2024

Kick off the New Year with an exact plan to reach your goal! Join Tiffany's New Year Challenge starting January 1, 2024, and kickstart your journey towards a healthier, happier life. A life that you feel excited to wake up to each morning!

This challenge is different than anything you have done in the past.  We have built an amazing community with over 22k thousand like-minded people who will be with you every step of the way. Over the next 31 days, we'll be focusing on your nutrition. Exercise is optional and encouraged but not required to reach your goals in this chapter.

Every day we will focus on nutrition and eating satisfying meals that keep you FULL and feeling your BEST. Embrace the power of consistency and celebrate the small victories that pave the way to long term results. Not just a short term fad. 

Our community is here to inspire, motivate, and uplift you. Share your journey, connect with fellow participants, and let the collective energy fuel your progress. We believe in the strength of a supportive community, and together, we'll overcome challenges and celebrate successes.

Imagine the sense of accomplishment as you cross the finish line on day 31 – a stronger, healthier version of yourself. This isn't just about shedding pounds; it's about gaining confidence, energy, and a renewed passion for life.

Are you ready to make 2024 your healthiest year yet? Join Tiffany's New Year Challenge and take the first step towards a brighter, more vibrant future. Let January 1st be the beginning of a transformative journey that sets the tone for a happier and healthier you throughout the year!


Steps to join:

1. Download the Live Laugh Mustard guide book. This shows you how to eat using fresh fruits, veggies and protein that keeps you FULL. Don't worry - mustard isn't required ;) 

2. Join the Live Laugh Mustard facebook community. This is going to be where we share our weight loss meals, daily check ins and more.

3. Clear out your fridge and pantry and organize it so everything is easy to see. Go grocery shopping with the foods in the guide so you are prepared to start on the 1st.

4. This one is optional. Print your guide book at home or through office depot/staples to have a tangible copy that you keep on your counter during the challenge.

5. Pick your favorite water bottle and keep it out on the counter. The one you will be using for the challenge. 

6. Think about any plans/social gatherings you have for the month of January so you have an exact plan of how you will handle eating out during that time. 

I am so excited to have you as a part of our 2024 challenge! See you in the facebook group!