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About Tiffany Elizabeth

My name is Tiffany also known as @myadventuretofit on IG.

I started documenting my weight loss journey publicly on Instagram May 10, 2016 at 24 years old weighing in over 230 pounds. I was a single mom to 1 year old girl and a 5 year old boy. 
I had this realization one day that losing weight wasn't going to be a 30 or 60 day cleanse. I don't know why I always thought that but it was a mindset that needed to leave, forever. This time it was going to be a lifestyle change and permanent habits set into place. From 2016 to 2018 I lost 93 pounds.
In 2017, I created my own e-book which grew to a community of 170k women! All with the same goals - health and weight loss. 

In 2019, I went into surgery to have my loose skin removed from weight loss. 

From there, after I felt that chapter was closed, I went on to create a line of clean supplements with high quality ingredients that actually tasted good. It's really hard to find clean supplements without sucralose, aspartame, ace-k and other artificial ingredients, so I accepted the challenge. I worked with a trained chemist in the field to create the highest quality, stevia sweetened, colored by plants supplements that taste AMAZING. Today we have over 30 different products and growing!

Then in 2019, I met my now husband, business partner and soulmate. We planned for a baby and welcomed Finn (aka Finny) February 2021.
After having my 3rd baby at 29 years old, I was diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia, insulin resistance and fatty liver disease collectively known as metabolic syndrome. My symptoms were loss of cognitive function, slurring words, depression, anxiety, trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, dizzy, cracking skin, acne, thyroid disfunction, severe constipation and it goes on. I GAINED weight postpartum and felt completely lost about my health and body.

I spent a lot of time trying to understand how this could have happened after 5 years of working toward my health. The truth was, everything I thought I knew, was pretty much WRONG. 
(Postpartum Weight Gain)
I read The Obesity Code from Dr. Jason Fung and The Complete Guide to Fasting where it explained everything that was going on with me. Textbook. It was almost like he knew my health history and wrote about it! I took the steps he recommended to take and finally, I got my health back. Lowered carbs, stopped eating so many times each day, allowed my body to rest from constant digestion and gave it a chance to just heal.

More salt, more fat, more protein, less frequency of eating and less carbs. This last step transformed my life more than anything I had ever learned before. I wasn't doing this for weight loss, I was doing this for longevity and highest possible quality of life. From there, it created the purpose of wanting others to feel as good as I did. Heal from a lifetime of wrong information. I then wrote an introduction to a clean ketogenic lifestyle. Thousands of women later, I know that we are on the right path. Not from a weight loss perspective, but a health perspective. A healthy weight will come with good health. I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to share what I have learned and help the next one in line. I don't always get a chance to respond, but I see it and I want you to know that I am so proud of you. 


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