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What Causes Insulin Resistance?

Written by: Tiffany Elizabeth - May 18, 2022

88% of American's are metabolically unhealthy. Understanding Insulin Resistance can help you understand why.

First, what is insulin?

Insulin is a hormone that regulates blood sugars. It lowers blood sugars. In the presence of insulin, you cannot burn fat. It is also the fat storage hormone. 

Insulin resistance is too much insulin. The cell is now blocking out the insulin (think of when you start to tune things out when it gets to be too much). 

Then, what happens is the cells become starved while sugars are storing up. It will send signals back to your pancreas to send more insulin and more and more will be created. People with IR have 5-7x more insulin than the average person.

High levels of insulin creates damage to the body and creates high blood sugars. 

Symptoms of Insulin Resistance:

Tired after eating

Frequent urination

Brain fog


Skin tags

Darkened skin patches 

Not satisfied after you eat

Cravings for sugar and carbs

High blood pressure

Fluid retention

Belly fat

Fatty liver disease

Triggers of Excessive Insulin:

Sugar (all kinds)

Refined Grains

Frequent Eating

Lean protein (higher than fatty protein)

Too much protein 

Soy, Corn Oil, Vegetable Oils (glyphosate)

Indications on Blood Work 

A1C: 5.7-6.4 = Pre-Diabetic

More than 6.4 = Diabetes

Pre-Diabetic is due to insulin resistance. 

How to Reverse Insulin Resistance 

What causes the problem is what fixes the problem.

Ultimately, excessive carbohydrate intake and eating too frequently are what contributes to the problem. 

The opposite of this is - low carb (with high fat) and intermittent fasting (let your body rest between meals). 

3-8 months is a good timeline on reversing IR. 


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