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Electrolytes - Tangerine - Family Size

Electrolytes - Tangerine - Family Size

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4 jars for the price of 3! 🍊🍊🍊

The juiciest most refreshing electrolytes, our whole family is obsessed! You may never want to try another kind after these 😋 

We love mixing a pitcher with a few scoops and keeping it in the fridge for a sweet hydrating pink drink for the kiddos.

Colored by plants 🌱 
Sweetened with stevia 🌱
Flavored naturally 🍊
High potassium ❤️
High salt 🧂 
Optimal hydration 💧
Incredible taste 😋

How to use? Add one scoop to 10-16oz of ice cold water. Drink with a meal or for a refreshing drink on the go.  

We have a 4,700mg per day potassium requirement and it can be extremely difficult to meet that. Each one of our scoops contains over 500mg of potassium and many other essential minerals to have you feeling your best and staying well hydrated.

Did you know bananas are some of the highest potassium rich foods and even then they only contain 422mg of potassium. You would have to consume over 11 bananas a day just to reach the minimum daily requirements. 

 Potassium deficiencies look like:

  • Fatigue/Brain Fog
  • High Blood Sugar
  • Muscle Weakness, Cramps, Twitching and Spasms
  • Abnormal Heartbeat
  • Bloating/Constipation/Mood Swings

Electrolytes are especially essential on a low carb diet as you lose more sodium and potassium through urine than you would a high carb diet.

Many people go through the Keto Flu which is essentially a loss of electrolytes. This can be easily avoided by replenishing electrolytes through supplementation. 


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Customer Reviews

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So delicious!!!

Paul T.
Yummy Electrolytes

Give me lots of energy and good digestion!

Danielle B.

Electrolytes - Tangerine - Family Size