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Gaining Weight Postpartum - What Happened to Me

After having my 3rd baby earlier this year, I had lost 17 pounds upon my arrival home from the hospital. I then proceeded to gain 25 pounds in the month to follow. This happened with all 3 of my pregnancies. The whole "you'll drop it all after the baby's born" was not the case for me and my body at all.

After Finn was born, I had ravenous hunger around the clock. I was literally eating all day and night. I was trying to up my milk supply and eating all the foods to help me but nothing budged. Oatmeal, body armor drinks, you name it. Never had a good supply no matter what tricks I tried. I was gaining weight and my brain fog was taking over my life.

I told my husband I thought I had hypoglycemia and I must have developed it in pregnancy. I went off to the doctor and all of my blood work came back normal. I was so angry and upset because I wanted an answer and clearly I wasn't going to get it. Instead, I was told I was borderline off on so many different hormones, but not bad. So thousands of dollars of supplements later.... surprise! Nothing changed. I was only feeling worse.

After thousands of dollars spent and 50 bottles of supplements, my doctor brought up the idea of wearing a continuous glucose monitor to see if there was information we could get there that the blood work wouldn't show. Sure enough, I had Reactive Hypoglycemia. My body over compensated when I ate with insulin and over produced it. This looked like my blood sugar going from 140 to 50 after eating (a normal blood sugar should fluctuate about 20 points, not 90 points). I ended up having to eat every 2 hours, then ever hour, then every 30 mins. I gained 10 pounds in 4 days before I finally found the answer. 

This was the cause of ALL of my problems. My low milk supply, my brain fog, my constipation, my slurred words, my dizzy spells, my fatigue, my skin problems, my sleep issues, my mood, everything!

I decided at that point to take matters into my own hands and started researching blood sugar and insulin resistance. Unfortunately at the time my brain wasn't functioning properly so I was having a really hard time understanding what it all meant. I thank god for my husband who stayed up all night one night researching it all for me and putting a plan together.

This led to one solution and one solution only - a ketogenic diet. 

My blood sugar wasn't doing well with carbohydrates so I had to eliminate them. I tried starting with under 50g per day but unfortunately that was even too many for my body. I had to try and aim for as close to 0 as possible. The only source of carbohydrates basically being dairy.

I started September 10, 2021 and today December 13, 2021 I have gone from 192 to 165 after months and months of trying everything in the book. This finally worked. 

I have been deep into research ever since then obsessing about insulin and blood sugar and how they are 2 of the most important things we can monitor in the human body.  You don't need to be diabetic to care about your blood sugar. Why wait until something bad happens?  If you don't feel good after eating (tired, craving sugar) then it may be time to consider monitoring your blood sugars. 

You can get a cgm from ageless RX or a finger prick at any Walgreens or CVS and I highly recommend doing so. A normal HEALTHY blood sugar range is between 80-90 regardless of eating.

If you need help on where to begin, I have a made a few different guides. I suggest starting with Keto for Beginners. The modern day keto diet is not even keto at all. Clean keto is mostly veggies, some protein and some healthy fat, not cheese and bacon with unlimited beef as some show. 

Here is the link to get started:



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