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My Adventure to Fit

Blender Bottle My Adventure to Fit with Barbell - Magenta - Two Sizes Available

Blender Bottle My Adventure to Fit with Barbell - Magenta - Two Sizes Available

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Official My Adventure to Fit Genuine Blender Bottle!!! Frosted white bottle with a dark pink (magenta) accent.

I am soooo excited to finally have these available for you guys!

I have been using Blender Bottles for my entire weight loss journey for so many different things (protein shakes, pre-workout or even just drinking water). It's so convenient because there's also a loop to carry it and it fits in almost all cup holders.

These are super good quality and I've never had one break. There are so many different brands of these types of shaker cups but I believe this brand is the best. AND it has my logo on it!! *happy dance

My Adventure to Fit means so much to me because although it was the name I chose for my journey, it truly applies to everyone on theirs. Losing weight and starting your fitness journey can be so hard. It's finding all the new things that you love that put the adventure and the fun in it. The new healthy snacks, the new workout equipment, cute dumb bells for your at home workout or whatever it is, is what makes this so much fun.

Thank you all so much for supporting me and believing in me. It means so much that I get to share this adventure with all of you!

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Received broken, sent me a new one and wasn’t even the right thing.